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Becoming an ESL teacher is a 4 step process. However, there maybe more or less required from you to become an English teacher, depending on where you reside in the world.


Requirements Needed To Become An ESL Teacher

First of all, you must earn or hold a Bachelor’s degree. This is the minimum educational requirement. Most teachers that teach ESL hold degrees in education, English, writing, or teaching English as a foreign language.

Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree, you must  complete recognized ESL certificate or diploma. Depending on the certificate or diploma you wish to acquire, it can take you a few months or a year in length to earn.

Having said that, these certificates or diploma are offered at colleges, universities, and private language instruction schools across Canada.


What Certificates Do You Need?


There are a variety of certificates offered by universities, and private language instruction schools across Canada. For instance, TEFL / TESL, TESOL, CELTA Certificate Programs.


These certificates have programs that cover all the basics needed to start teaching ESL.


Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) provides the basic skills needed to teach ESL and obtain a license.


In most of these certificates, you will learn how to assess students’ language skills, teach grammar lessons, and practice conversational skills.


Not all of these certificate programs require you have prior teaching experience. However, some ESL certificate programs are designed for working teachers who have their teaching license.


Note: If you want to teach ESL for college students and adults in BC, there is no mandatory requirement for licensing or professional certification in order to work as an ESL teacher in BC.


Can I Teach In ESL In Private Schools?


Yes, but as mentioned earlier, you need to have  a CELTA, TESL or TEFL certificate and a university degree (depending on where you reside in Canada).

You can even work in community colleges, private language schools, community organizations, elementary and high schools.


How Can I Increase My Employment Opportunity?


If you are looking to increase your employment opportunity, you might want to consider earning a graduate degree in ESL. Also, if you have prior experience in teaching, this might help increase your employment opportunity.


What Skills Should An ESL Teacher Possess?



  • Basic computer skills including knowledge of computer-based training software and desktop publishing software.


  • Ability to prepare, organize and deliver teaching materials.


  • knowledge of other cultures.


  • Strong written and oral communication skills.


  • Patient.


  • Resourceful.


  • Detail oriented.


  • Organizational Skills.


  • Creative.


  • Able to work independently.


  • Team work skills.



What Do You Teach As An ESL Teacher?


  • Teach students using lectures, discussion groups.


  • Teach students using independent or group projects.


  • Prepare teaching materials (read below for the best guide you can get to help you prepare for teaching ESL).


  • Prepare for exams.


  • Supervise independent or group projects.



How Much Do ESL Teachers Earn On Average In Canada?


How much you earn will vary. For instance, if you work for colleges, private schools, and community centers, you are more likely to get paid by the hour. So if you are teaching adults, you are looking at a starting wage of about $15 to $20 an hour.


Having said that, if you are a teacher with prior experience, you are looking at earning more.


Disadvantages Of Becoming An ESL Teacher?


  • As An ESL teacher, you don’t usually work on contract basis, so benefits like paid vacation and sick pay are rare.


  • You may be required to teach ESL at night or on weekends, to accommodate the work and family commitments of older students.


  • You are more likely to find part time work and not full time.


Who Can Teach ESL?


Anyone that is interested in becoming an ESL teacher, and or who has the minimum requirements to become an ESL teacher. However, if you can’t find a job as an ESL teacher, you can certainly open an ESL tutoring business at home.


Furthermore, ESL teaching is ideal for the stay at home moms or dads looking to start their own self employment business. As long as you meet the requirements and you possess the skills needed, you can go ahead and start your ESL teaching business.


You can teach for free or you can charge by the hour. It’s really up to you. Either way, this would look great on your Resume.


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You can start off by recruiting a couple of students each week.


There are tons of guides which you can use to help assist you in teaching ESL to students. One of the best guides you could use to help you prepare to teach ESL from Home is called:


“The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual”: No textbooks, minimal equipment just fantastic lessons anywhere (The Ultimate ESL Teaching Series) (Volume 1). It is authored by Andromeda Jones. 




What Is The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual ?


It is basically a step-by-step guide, which helps you to be able to teach every grammar point in the English language. There are over 60 vocabulary sets to teach in this manual, covering beginner, intermediate, advanced to super-advanced levels.


Moreover, The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual has follow-on activities for every class. For instance, there are role plays, games and problem solving activities. All of which will help student stay engaged. The Manual also comes with an appendix full of illustrated worksheets which Manual owners can download in high resolution from the book’s website.


What I liked About The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual


  • There are already lessons planned out for you, which is a time saver. This is great especially if you have never taught ESL lessons before. It gives you a head start. 


  • It is a very Affordable book.


  • It’s such a great resource to have to refer to.


  • There are lots of activities to help keep students engaged.


  • It is a very easy to read and follow book.


  • It is a very well organized book.


  • The book is more focused on grammar lessons, which I think is great when teaching ESL.


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In conclusion, The Ultimate ESL Teaching Manual is a great guide for teachers that want to teach ESL students. It is primarily focused on grammar lessons. It is a time saver, lessons are very well laid out for you, to easily develop a curriculum.


It’s such a great resource, especially if you are just starting your ESL teaching business. You can purchase this book online, You can click here to check its current pricing.



Why You Should Start Your Own ESL Teaching Business From Home?


Other than the fact, You can do whatever you feel like doing – As long as it’s not against the law or anything like that. Starting your own ESL teaching business, simply means you will have full control over your business. For instance:


  • There is no need to follow specific lesson plans or use certain methods.


  • You follow your own teaching path.


  • You decide how you want to deliver your lessons.


Disadvantages Of Starting Your Own ESL Teaching Business:


  • It requires a lot of work and effort, just like any business.


  • You need to research and see what you need to submit for tax purposes.




That’s it, Folks. We have reached the end of our post for today. Hopefully, I have answered any questions you have had about starting your ESL teaching business.



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