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As you probably already know, affiliate marketing is simply a type of marketing in which a company sells its products and services by the use of individuals, referred to as affiliates. The affiliates market the products and services for that company for a commission. So if the affiliate is successful at generating a lead or sale, he or she will then be paid a commission by the company.


Affiliate marketing has advantages for all parties involved, not just the affiliate marketer, and the merchant. The buyer has his/ her own advantages as well.


Having said that, In this post I will discuss the advantages of affiliate marketing for Merchants, Affiliates, and buyers.


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Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing


  • Merchants don’t have to search for their customers, because affiliates would be doing that for them. For instance, affiliates will be placing their affiliate links online through different channels, such as websites, blogs, forums, and etc.


  • Merchants will have greater profit when they have affiliate marketing programs.


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  • Not to mention, merchants will get to keep these customers on the long run. So if the customer is satisfied with the item bought, they are more likely to purchase from that merchant. So it’s a win-win situation for the merchant.


  • Affiliates can work from home, and if they earn enough, they can quit their jobs, and work as an affiliate marketer at their own time.


  • Being an affiliate marketer means you can work from anywhere. And you can choose your own schedule, meaning you are your own boss. All you need is a Laptop, and an internet connection.


  • Most affiliate programs are free to join, which means that as an affiliate you don’t have to worry about investment costs and etc. However, some affiliate networks do require their affiliates to have either a mobile-app, or a website. This is the case with Amazon, and VigLink, and many more.


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  • As an affiliate, you don’t worry about customer support, book keeping, or the shipping and handling costs of the item, as this is all done by the merchant. All you have to do is get the affiliate link out there, and watch the dollars come in.


  • For affiliate networks such as Amazon, Viglink, ShareASale, which require you to have a website in order to become an affiliate, there are so many ways, you(affiliate) can get a free website, and apply for these programs, and be accepted.


  • Several Affiliate networks (such as VigLink), will do the hard work for you (as an affiliate). VigLink will simply place affiliate links on your website, on your behalf. So you don’t have to worry about that. This is great for new affiliates, who are just starting out.


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  • Buyers do not have to commute to the store to make a purchase. They can do that online from the comfort of their home. This is great for those that work long hours, and can’t find time to head on to the store and purchase a product, they can now do it online.


  • Buyers are able to buy anything online nowadays. Most stores are practicing the idea of affiliate marketing.


  • Buyers have access to product reviews, before they make the purchase. So they can read on the reviews, and decide whether it is something they want to continue to purchase or not.


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  • Buyers can become affiliates and promote products they love, as most affiliate programs are free to join.



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October 8, 2017

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