CB Passive Income Review – Can You Really Make Money From This System?



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Below is a review of the CB Passive Income 4.0. I hope that you will have all your questions answered about this system. And please do not forget to leave your comment or feedback in the comment section below, and I would be more than happy to connect.


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Product Name: CB Passive Income 4.0

Owner: Patric Chan

Price: $47/month or one time fee of $97 + Up-Sells


What Is The CB Passive Income

It is a system that was created in 2013, by Patric Chan. The main goal of the CB Passive Income is to help you promote Click Bank products through the use of Email Marketing and earn affiliate commissions. There has been updates created by Patric Chan with The CB Passive Income. For instance, CB Passive Income 2.0 in 2014, CB Passive Income 3.0 in 2015 and CB Passive Income 4.0 in 2017. And there will be a CB Passive Income 5.0 in 2018. This only means that new training and tools were added to the system to improve it.


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When you purchase the CB Passive Income, you will receive a 3 special free bonuses. They are:


SPECIAL BONUS #1: The Digital Cover Creator


This highly advance software will allow you to professional amazing 3D book e-covers without any designing skill or experience at all. This software makes it fast, fun and simple to increase your marketing conversion with solid ecovers.


SPECIAL BONUS #2: Traffic From Google Home Course


This is a home course video training. You will be trained in on all of the ways to get traffic from search engine optimizations. You will also be trained on how to target the perfect keywords so you can maximize your SEO traffic.


SPECIAL BONUS #3: The Email Assassin Home Course


With this home course, you will be taught email marketing tactics, strategies and techniques that will transform you from an email marketing newbie to an email marketing expert “overnight”. This course has 14 modules. So as you can see there are a lot of great information about email marketing in this home course. And you will have access to all this for FREE.


CB Passive Income Review



How Does CB Passive Income 4.0  Work?

When you join the CB Passive Income system,  you will then receive your web pages, which you can promote using your Unique Links. Your web pages will give away free eBook or software, which the system has already developed for you. So when the visitors subscribe or opt in to get these free products from your unique links, they will be added to your subscribers.


Furthermore, the CB Passive Income system will send out promotional emails and content to your subscribers. This is done to help you monetize your subscribers. Again, you don’t do anything, they do all the hard work for you.


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So when your subscribers buy any product from the follow up and broadcast emails sent, you will then make affiliate commissions on autopilot. Really all you have to do is promote your webpage to get subscribers and the system will do the rest for you.


How Easy Is It To Promote My Webpage?

They have a training which will teach you how to get website visitors (traffic) using different methods, including social media and paid ads. Once you are ready, you will then be able to use Patric Chan’s software to help get you started and have access to all of the training material.


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Any Up-sells Involved?


Yes, there are up-sells involved. Inbox Pro Version : This will cost $97 (one time fee). And the second Up-sell is The Fast Cash Series Membership which is  $47 / month, or a one time fee of $97. Of course, you are better off getting the fast cash series membership for $97 (one time fee), instead of having to pay $47 each month. They also have The Fast Cash Series Membership Trial = $1 and then $47 after 14 days.


CB Passive Income Review




The Good

  • It is affordable compared to other systems out there.


  • It is LEGIT.


  • Patric Chan is honest. He tells you ” The system is not meant to create instance cash, but is ideal to create a consistent automated income”.


  • Great for Beginners.


  • It’s great for experienced marketers as well as internet marketers. They can use the system to add another income stream to their current business to generate more passive income for them.


  • They have on-going support.


  • It works, but you need to be patient with it.


  • Easy to follow step-by-step training.


  • Have access to tracking and reporting. You can see your leads and performance.


  • There is a 60-Day, 100 percent Money Back Guarantee.



The Bad


  • There are up-sells to the system (As mentioned earlier).


  • If you want to own your Email list, you will need to pay for an Auto-responder (AWEBER) which is about $30 a month or so.


  • If you are an experienced internet marketer, you might want to have more control over your business. Rather than have the system do all the work for you. So it may not be suitable for more experienced marketers.


  • Building traffic maybe hard for some people. But again, you can always have paid advertising to increase your traffic. It may be a concern for some that are tight on money.



Final Thoughts


The only concern I have with the CB Passive Income is if you are a total newbie, and you really don’t know anything about internet marketing, or how the online business world works, then maybe you can try it and see, because they take care of almost everything for you. But really, what does it take to start your own online business? honestly, it just needs some hard work, and patience, and you can make money online. This may sound hard to believe, but hey, I am doing it, and it is working for me.


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Having said that, I don’t think you need to join any of these systems and waste your time and money on them. I have been there, and I know what it feels like.  I mean CB Passive Income is definitely not a scam, but I personally would not recommend it. I prefer to present my own work, rather than have someone do it for me. I believe that each individual is unique in their own ways. So why not do it your way.



I am not trying to bash the CB Passive Income, but with the CB Passive Income, you can have high number of clicks, with no sales. And that might discourage a lot of people. You can definitely clone the system yourself, and rather do it your way, the way that you like it to be. So you can have your website and your OWN content on it , and you can even promote your OWN products, or you can promote other peoples products, which ever way you prefer to do it. You can make money either way you prefer.



And so when you start your own online business, you would have full control here. And it is not hard to do all this on your own. These systems are just there to make money off of people that just don’t know anything about internet marketing. I know I was one at some point, and I don’t want you to make the same mistake. I tried so many systems, and they all failed me, until I actually started my own business (blogging).


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The CB Passive Income 4.0 is 100 percent LEGIT, no doubt about that. If you’re looking for a quick-rich scheme, then the CB Passive Income is NOT for you. This is a high converting product. If you are looking to start your online business, the CB passive income can be something for you to start with. I mean you can certainly try it out and if you feel that CB Passive Income is not for you, you can return it, and have your money back (60 day, 100 percent money back guarantee). You can click here to see the current pricing, and see how CB Passive Income works.



Hopefully this review will provide with you all the necessary information you need to make your decision. I hope you have found this review helpful. If I ever say anything that captures your interest, please do get involved within my site. If you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do not hesitate to provide feedback. I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it.



March 29, 2018

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