Top Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing

Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing



Today I would like to share with you the disadvantages to affiliate marketing. I know there are a lot of advantages to affiliate marketing, but you must also know what the disadvantages to affiliate marketing are.



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Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing



  • The more affiliates join merchants affiliate programs, the more merchants will have to pay. This may be costly for the merchants.


  • Depending on the products a merchant has to offer, affiliates may not be interested in promoting such products. More or less people maybe interested in promoting your product or service as a merchant.



  • Some merchants may stop their affiliate marketing programs, and not pay their affiliates any earned commission. This is why you should always check and read about the affiliate program you wish to join before you join your self.


  • There are a lot of link hijackers that will hijack affiliate links and get paid for the commissions instead. But that has been worked on and we rarely ever see that happening to affiliates.


Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing 


  • As an affiliate you may be promised a certain commission rate, but as time progresses, companies may reduce that rate. Thus, resulting in less sales for the affiliate.


  • Some affiliate programs have low rates of commission, so as an affiliate you really need to make so many sales in order to see some good results.


  • Some buyers may feel that they may be charged more if they buy from an affiliate link. This could result in the visitor not wanting to click on your affiliate link and making the purchase. Thus, you lose the sales commission.


  • With the online scams happening, less people are doing their shopping online. People especially seniors now prefer to actually have someone go make the purchase for them at the store than having to make the purchase themselves online.


  • There are merchants who may promise a high commission at first to attract affiliates, then drop commission rates after a week or two. This way you will get them the leads which they can turn into a customer, while you make so little commission.


Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing 


  • Merchants may close down affiliate programs without paying its affiliates. Be careful with which affiliate program to choose.


  • Some social media might limit the number of allowed affiliate links to be posted online, which may result in less sales opportunity for you as an affiliate.


  • A lot of people are getting into affiliate marketing, which might make it less appealing to some new affiliates. Some affiliates may get the impression that affiliate marketing is an old style of making money online and may feel discouraged to practice affiliate marketing.


  • A lot of people false advertise in order to earn a commission. As a merchant you may lose customers. This could result in a disqualification.


  • If you are looking to sell your product or service online and want to start an affiliate program, it may cost you so much as a merchant.


Disadvantages To Affiliate Marketing 


  • Some affiliate programs will not give you a sale commission if you shorten your affiliate link using link shortening methods. This would result in you driving the sale but not earning a commission.


  • Joining affiliate programs that will pay you a one time sales commission could be discouraging to affiliates.




Having said all this, whether you are an affiliate or a merchant, you should use a sales funnel in order to market, sell, and deliver your product or service. So if you are a merchant, you can use a sales funnel in order to run affiliate programs for products and services you wish to have affiliates to sell for you.


Furthermore, with sales funnels you won’t have to worry about calculating how much each affiliate needs to get paid. Rather, the sales funnel software will calculate that for you.


Not to mention, when you use a sales funnel, you stand a better chance at making money. But of course, sales funnels are not free. And that’s why not everyone uses a sales funnel.


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