Get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers YouTube

Get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers YouTube



Hi there,

Today I would like to share with you tips and pointers to help you get 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers YouTube. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about any of the content I have up on my site, and I would be more than happy to connect.


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Get 4000 Watch Hours And 1000 Subscribers YouTube


So if you just started out your YouTube channel, these numbers may sound so hard to achieve. However, do not panic, these can be done and you can do it, I believe in you. Don’t let these numbers scare you or discourage you. In fact, if you think about it, they are so easy to reach.


Having said that, below I have some tips, which will help you reach these quota requirements sooner than you think.


Use Of Keywords

First of all, you should have keywords in your YouTube video, which will make is easier for people to find your YouTube video. Make sure you write a nice description for each You Tube video on your Channel.


This will give the visitor an idea of what to expect in the video. Make the description short and cut to the chase. Make sure you include your keywords in the description as well.



when you are uploading videos to your YouTube channel, ensure you fill out the tags. So add keywords that are related to the content of your video.


Create High Quality Videos

Second of all, create high quality videos. And please don’t go out and purchase a $2000 camera. In fact, you can start out with your phone camera. This is just what you need to begin with.


However, once you start to make money, and actually have an established audience, then you can go out and purchase a nice expensive camera.



When I say create “high quality videos”, I mean record videos that are clear for the audience to see. So don’t record videos that are not easy to be seen by your viewers. So if your camera does not take good videos at night, DON’T shoot videos at night.


Not to mention, take your time to edit your videos, so if there is a noise in the background, make sure you get rid of it, and etc.


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Create Connections outside of YouTube

This is very important if you are a new you tuber. If you just started out your channel, consider connecting with social media and communities to help obtain traffic to your YouTube channel.


Create relevant videos

So this will depend on what your Niche or topic is about. If your Niche is about tourism in a certain place, you don’t want to be posting videos of dogs in your backyard. This is totally irrelevant.

So when your viewers see this kind of videos, they will just stop visiting your channel, because they will be under the impression that you have videos that do not relate to your Niche. So keep your videos relevant.


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Share Your Videos on social media

share your videos on your website or blog. You can even share your YouTube videos on social media with your friends and family, and ask them to share it with their friends as well.

This way your video will reach a large number of audience.
A great place to share your YouTube video is on Reddit. A lot of people are using Reddit now a days.



Having said that,  you would look for groups that are related to your Niche, and join these groups, and start sharing your videos. But make sure you don’t spam the group. Make sure you follow the rules. Other wise, you will be kicked out.



Just like any other business just starting out, you need to be patient with your YouTube channel. A lot of individuals will just quit two or three months after creating their YouTube channel, because they don’t see a lot of visitors.


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Having said that, this is very normal, it takes time to actually start seeing visitors and subscribers subscribing to your channel. Just keep uploading videos that are relevant to your Niche or topic, and it will all come as your channel matures.


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Concentrate on beginnings of videos

When recording videos, ensure that you have good beginnings, so your videos are able to catch your viewers attention. Make the beginnings of your videos so exciting that your viewers will actually want to continue to watch your video.


Keep posting videos consistently

This is a mistake a lot of YouTube creators make, they usually do not keep posting videos on a regular basis. What most people do is they upload 10 videos at once, and wait for another 6 months to post another video.

Instead, you should post about 1-2 videos per week. Stay consistent, and you should start to see your number of subscribers to increase.


Create long videos

You do not want to create 20 second videos. Rather, you want to create videos which are a minimum of 3 minutes long. The longer the video the better. The more people watch your long video, your number of watch time hours can be reached sooner than you think.


For instance, if you have a video which is a minute long, and you want to reach the 4000 hours of watch time (240000 minutes). This means that you need 240,000 people to watch your video, in order to reach the 4000 hours of watch time or 240,000 minutes.


Having said that, if you have a video which is 10 minutes long, then you only need 24,000 viewers to see your video. But of course, this is only one video, you will definitely have more than one. So as you can see, the longer the video is, the sooner you will reach your 4000 hours of watch time.


Interact with individuals or people via comment 

Connect with people via comment, which can help turn them into subscribers.


Collaborate with other YouTubers

When you collaborate with other YouTubers, you will grow your YouTube channel and number of subscribers.



As you can see, It is so easy to reach these number of watch time hours, and number of subscribers. You just have to be consistent in posting new videos related to your Niche, and have good quality videos, and it should be a fun and easy ride for you.


Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions about any of the content I have up on my site, please feel free to leave a comment below, and I would be more than happy to connect.

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