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In this post, I will share with you low cost home self employment ideas, especially for stay at home Moms and Dads. As a stay at home mom, I totally understand how hard it is to have free time on your hands. Having free time while being a stay at home mom or dad, will depend on two major factors. One, the number of children you have at home with you, and secondly, the age of the children staying at home with you.


Having said that, some stay at home moms and dads may find free time through out the day, while other may not. However, this post is for the stay at home moms and dads that have at least a couple of hours of free time a day.


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Low Cost Home Self Employment Ideas


Start Your Own Blog

If you have some free time during the day, maybe 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. You may be able to start your own blog. And once you have your blog up and running, you can start to gradually increase the number of hours a day. Blogging is ideal for the stay at home Moms and Dads, because it allows them to spend time with their kids, and working on their blog at the same time.


What is a Blog – A blog is simply a website or a web page that is updated regularly. So to start your blog, you need to build a website, and have a topic of interest, which you love to talk about and share with the rest of the world. So you would be writing about your topic everyday, and helping people with any questions and concerns they may have about that certain topic. Your topic can be simply about anything.


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Just to let you know that blogging is not as easy as it sounds, but it is not as hard either. You really just have to find some time to put into your blog. Having access to the right tools and training, is key to your blog success.


In conclusion, blogging requires hard work, it is not something that happens over night. You need to be patient and devote time into it, and I can promise you will be on your way to earning money online, from simple blogging.



Event Planning

Event planning is by far the easiest self employment idea, especially for stay at home Moms and dads that don’t have much free time through out their day. Event Planning is so easy, that almost anyone can do this. So if you are a stay at home mom or dad, or even unemployed and looking for a job, or looking for a side job, event planning maybe for you.


Event planning maybe stressful for some people. There is a lot of work and research involved. After all, you want to plan something that everyone is going to talk about, right? Yes of course.


Again, you will need to be patient at first, and as time progresses, you will find that you are getting the hang of it. You can check out Amazon on books , that will show you how you can start your Event Planning business.





Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically when you (as an affiliate) connect the buyer to the seller. So you apply for an affiliate program with a certain company. And that company will give you an affiliate link. You will then be able to place that affiliate link on your social media accounts, and once someone clicks these links, and makes a purchase, you will get a commission.


Visitors or buyers who make a purchase through your affiliate link, will not at all be charged more than if they were to make the purchase through the company’s official site.


This is a great home self employment idea for the stay at home moms and dads, it allows you to earn money while being able to spend time with your kids. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but it’s an idea which you can start with. In order to master affiliate marketing, or at least to earn an income from, you need to have some sort of an online presence. This can be through a blog, HUB, or even YouTube Channel.


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As a starter though, you can use your Facebook account, Twitter, or any other social media network account, and use them to share your affiliate links. Most affiliate programs are free to join, which is AWESOME. However, some may require you to have a mobile app or a website to join. And that’s not a big deal, because I can certainly show you where you can get your free website from, and you can use it to apply for the Amazon Affiliate Program.


Moreover, there are affiliate programs that require you (as an affiliate) to meet a certain quota requirement. For instance, Amazon requires its affiliates to get 3 sales in the first 180 days from joining the program. So if you don’t happen to make 3 sales in your first 180 days of joining the program, Amazon will simply deactivate your account. But again, there are plenty of other affiliate programs that do not require you to meet a certain quota requirement.


So if you ever decide to have a blog or a website, you can certainly monetize it using affiliate marketing. So the same way you would post affiliate links using social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and etc), except you would use these same links in your content found on your website. It increases the rate of conversion. So you have a better chance of making money using affiliate marketing, if you have a website or a blog.


Quick note: When you are posting affiliate links on either your website, or your social media networks or any other channel you decide to use, ensure you don’t post so many, or else you will be seen as a spammer. And so your account may get deactivated or you may even be banned from using your account again.


Furthermore, if you decide to use a website or a blog, ensure you don’t use too many affiliate links, as this will deteriorate your ranking with Search Engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The point is to use your affiliate links effectively.


Create YouTube Channel

Starting your own YouTube channel is a great money making opportunity, especially for the Stay at home moms and dads. You probably have heard of people, who are earning tons and tons of money from their YouTube channels. People can be creating videos of their kids, and posting them on their YouTube channel, and they can make so much money from this.


If you are new to YouTube, and looking to start your own YouTube channel, you can click here for a step-by-step guide on how you can do that. 



You can definitely start your transcribing business from home. However, you need to have typing skills 75 wpm, attention to detail, be able to proof read, grammar, punctuation, and time management skills. So if you have all these skills, you may be able to transcribe from the comfort of your own home.

You could work for transcribing companies, or you could even start your own transcribing business, and transcribe to businesses in your local area.



So you can actually start a tutoring business, where you can teach kids subjects they are having trouble with. Subjects such as Math, Science, English, and etc.

If you have never tutored before, you will need to read more about how you can start your own tutoring business from home. To read more about how you can start your tutoring business from home, please click here. 



Let’s be honest, there are a lot of foreigners who’s English is their second language, and so that would be a great idea for you to start your ESL tutoring business from home. You can even ask if you can tutor from their home. And you would tutor during your free time. If you need to learn more about how you can start your ESL tutoring business, simply click here for more information.



If you love to bake, you can certainly start your own baking business from home. You would bake and sell baked goods in your neighbor hood. This can be done during your free time. This is a great idea for the stay at home moms and dads, because you can bake while you have your kids with you at home, and your kids would sure love to help.


If you know how to bake good cakes, you can definitely try it out. If however you don’t know how to bake, you can check out Keikos-cake, which is a program that teaches you how to bake great and healthy cakes. You can click here for more information about Keikos-Cake.


Repair Mobile Phones

If you are the kind of person that loves to fix electronics, you can start out from home if you have a free space. You can start out by offering to repair your friends and family’s mobile phones. If you want to promote your business for free you can do that by using Kijiji or Craigslist.



Become A Social Media Manager

A social media manager is simply someone that spends a lot of time on social media throughout the whole day. And what you would do is post on behalf of businesses, and respond to inquiries, messages and comments from the comfort of your own living room.

How much do you get paid?

This would depend on the number of clients you have, as well as how you charge your clients. If you charge your clients based on client packages, rather than hourly, you are more likely to know how much to expect each month in earnings.

Having said that, a social media manager usually makes some where between $500-$5000 a month, and some social media managers (more experienced) make more.



Start Your Drop shipping Business

You can start your own online store using drop shipping. Drop shipping means you as a store owner do not keep any products in stock. Rather, when you sell a product, you will purchase the product from a third party and have it shipped to the customer. You will never see or handle the product.


If this is something you might be interested in doing, you should check out Shopify. With Shopify, you can start your own online store and have your store up and running in a few clicks. You can even use it for a 14 day free trial to see if it is something you might be interested in doing.


Having said that, Shopify has great support. So you will get all the help you need. They will take you by the hand and show you everything you need to know to get started. If you want to start your 14 day free trial with Shopify, please click here to get started.


If I ever say anything that captures your interest, please do get involved within my site. If you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do not hesitate to provide feedback. I would be more than happy to connect. Simply leave your comment below and make sure you visit my site regularly as I am always updating it.

March 22, 2018

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