Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review

Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review




We are always looking for ways to replace our jobs. Having said that, we see a lot of online internet marketing platforms that claim they will help us to ACTUALLY quit our jobs. So for whatever reason you are looking to replace your current job, you have probably come across the  Wealthy Affiliate platform and Income School Project 24.


In this post, I will compare the two online platforms to help you decide which one to go for.


What Is Income School project 24?


Income School Project 24 is an online educational affiliate marketing platform that helps people earn a full-time income online in just 24 months. Income School was founded by Jim and Rick. They have been building websites for a while now, and they are sharing what they learn with their members.


Furthermore, when you sign up to income school project 24, you get a 12-month membership. After which, you have a choice to stay as a member or not (need to pay a subscription fee).


What You Get As A Member Of The Income School Project 24?


  • A 60-step action plan in which Rick and Jim use on every site they build.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


  • 4+ more courses, to teach you how to create great content and market your site. Please note :New courses are being added all the time, and you get access to all of them.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


  • You will have complete access to the Project 24 Community. They have an exclusive community (including Jim and Ricky) for Project 24 members where all members will be working on their sites and helping each other.


Moreover, you get 2 bonuses:


  • Bonus #1. An exclusive Project 24 podcast which will be released in seasons. In this podcast, Jim and Ricky will use your input and questions from the Project 24 community to record a podcast tailored to your needs.


  • Bonus #2. Income School will have an updated list of hundreds of ideas for website topics with their scoring system, ranked by score. They will even comment to let you know what they think of the topic of the website.


Who Will BENEFIT From Income School Project 24?


Anyone who is interested in generating passive income, especially if you are totally new to the online world. So if you don’t know anything about starting your online business, income school will definitely help you.


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?


Wealthy affiliate is also known as the Wealthy Affiliate University is an online platform, used to help affiliate marketers and entrepreneurs create successful businesses online through training and live help. Wealthy Affiliate University was founded in 2005 by two individuals named Kyle and Carson.

With Wealthy Affiliate, there are 2 types of memberships: The starter membership (Free of charge), and the Premium Membership ($19 first month special, and then $49 a month on wards).


What You get as a Starter Member at Wealthy Affiliate?

You can check below exactly what you get as a starter member (Free member) at Wealthy Affiliate.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


You get 2 free websites, which by the way is completely not true. These websites are hosted on a SUB-DOMAIN, so you don’t really own these websites, unless otherwise you purchase your own domain (which costs somewhere between $12 – $15 a year).


And by the way, this is exactly what member at wealthy affiliate are using as a way to get people to sign up under their names at wealthy affiliate, they are misleading people with false information. 


Furthermore, as a starter member you get access to The online Entrepreneur certification- Getting started level. This is a 10-lesson course , which will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. The Lessons Included in the online Entrepreneur certification are as follows:


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


By the way, you only have access to the Getting started course (first course on the list).


And in that course, here’s what is covered:


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


Furthermore, you also have access to the Jaaxy keyword tool (30 searches). If you use the 30 searches, you will need to upgrade to either the Jaaxy pro ($49 a month), or Jaaxy enterprise ($99 a month). Or you could even use a different Keyword tool else where. (whichever one you prefer).


However, if you watch the video Income School 24 has on their YouTube Channel, you will realize why there is NO NEED for a Keyword Research Tool? Check it out below:


Income school 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review



Let’s continue on and see what you get as a premium member ($49 a month, or $299 annually) at Wealthy Affiliate, you will get the following:


  • You will get access to the rest of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course.


  • The Affiliate Boot camp, which is 7 courses (70 lessons). The affiliate boot camp will help walk you through the process of creating and establishing a business in a niche related to the promotion of Wealthy Affiliate.


  • Plus, you will have access to weekly webinars (only available to premium members).


  • As well as you have access to classrooms which talk about a lot of topics including:


Website development and programming.

WA Affiliate program.

Social engagement and marketing.

Keyword, Niche and market research.

The wealthy affiliate platform.

Search Engine optimization.

Local marketing.

Video marketing.

Email marketing.

Pay per click marketing.


  • Not to mention, you also have access to their Jaaxy Lite keyword tool. Please see below what you get with the Jaaxy Lite Keyword tool.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review



Who Will BENEFIT From Wealthy Affiliate?


Newbies or starters will benefit from the starter membership at wealthy affiliate. They will get an idea of how to create an online business.  From personal experience, I have found that you don’t benefit from their premium membership. Again, that’s based on my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. You can click here to read about my Wealthy Affiliate Complaints.


Price Comparison


How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

Prices at the time of this review.

* Per Month Membership: $49.00 ($ 1.63/ day).
* Annual Membership: $339.00 ($ 0.94/ day).
* Annual Membership Black Friday Deal: $299 ($ 0.84 a day).

I am currently a wealthy affiliate member, and my membership will end on November 24th (please see screen below for proof).


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review



How much does Income school project 24 Cost ?

Price: First year for $349 then $199 / year Subscription (prices at the time of this review).


What I LIKE About Income School And Wealthy Affiliate?


Neither programs promise of an overnight rich scheme.They both clearly state you need to work hard and put a lot of time into your business in order to see good results.


Whether you’re a newbie or a techie, both platforms show you the exact steps you need to take to build a website that attracts thousands of people every month and earns you an income.


Although, I highly recommend Income school YouTube videos, especially if you’re in the internet marketing business or even if you are just starting your online business. You don’t need to pay money to learn how to start an online business. You can obtain that information online for free, just do your research.


What I DON’T Like About Income School And Wealthy Affiliate?


Both platforms are too expensive. But to be honest, Wealthy Affiliate is charging way more than what you get for your monies worth. You can be paying more than $300 CAD per year at Wealthy Affiliate, that’s excluding domain charges per year. That’s a lot, in my opinion.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


As you can see above, I paid $335.61 CAD just for the annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate, and that’s without paying for my domains, which cost around $20 CAD. I had purchased 2 domains through Wealthy Affiliate, and I paid the $19 special offer for the first month, and then I wanted to try it out, which costed me $49 for the first month. I paid well over $500 CAD for the first year. See screen below:


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


That’s way too much especially if you are just starting your online business, don’t you think?


With Income School, it’s costly for the first year because they will charge you ($349 per year, prices at the time of this review, and then $199 per year afterwards), and that’s excluding hosting and domain costs.


With that in mind, Income school recommends Blue Host, so you actually don’t pay for your first domain for the first year. And their hosting is so in expensive. It is one of the best out there, you can click here to check their current pricing.





There is an alternative. You should ask me, I tried almost every program and platform out there. I don’t know if you agree with me or not, but most of the information they offer in their training material can all be obtained online for free. So really you don’t need to be paying anything, you only have to worry about hosting costs.


Just start a website, you can look around for hosting companies and see which ones suit you best. I personally use Blue Host. They are in expensive. I pay less for my domains at Blue Host. You can see above Wealthy Affiliate charged me $13.99 US for each Domain, while Blue Host charged me $11.99 US for each domain. See proof below.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review



I currently pay around $400 CAD, and that’s including hosting fees and 3 domains that I host through Blue Host. That’s way less than what I have to pay per year at either Wealthy Affiliate or Income School 24. That’s a great deal if you ask me.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


So that’s (Approx $234 CAD), plus I still need to pay for domain charges for the first year for only 2 domains out of the three I currently own (I get one free domain for the first year, Remember). Having said that, I will pay an additional $120 CAD to cover the costs of the 3 domains on a 3 year term. That’s still less than what I would have to pay if I use Wealthy Affiliate or Income School 24. LOL.


Affiliate Program


Wealthy Affiliate does offer their own affiliate program. If you refer people to Wealthy Affiliate, you earn a commission. Please see screen below for affiliate commissions at Wealthy Affiliate.


Income School 24 Vs Wealthy Affiliate Review


As you can see, you can earn affiliate commissions even if you are a starter member at Wealthy Affiliate, but you won’t be making as much compared to if you were a premium member.


People promote Wealthy affiliate for their own reasons other than the fact, the affiliate commissions. Additionally , if you refer 100 people to wealthy affiliate in a calendar year, you will not only earn commissions, but you will win a trip to Vegas. It’s a 4 day event. You get to meet with Kyle and Carson and other members that get 100 people to join the platform.


In the 4 day event,You get to sit and talk and discuss online business as a group with the rest of the affiliates. You get to ride in a Limo, go golfing, and other stuff. I honestly prefer to not mislead people about a program just to earn money or win a trip to Vegas. People work hard to earn their money, and they shouldn’t be spending it where they won’t get their monies worth.


Income School 24 DOES NOT have an affiliate program. 


In Conclusion. My opinion of Wealthy Affiliate Vs Income School


So now you know all that you get inside each program. I have watched all of the income school YouTube videos and I can safely say these guys are legit. Moreover, I have watched the videos on Wealthy Affiliate Platform, and they are not as HELPFUL as the Income School.


If you watch the income school 24 YouTube videos, they show you their websites, their traffic, keywords, income and this is something that not many do online. I think this is one of the reasons why these guys are successful. You don’t have to pay the $349 a year, just watch their YouTube videos, and I guarantee you will learn so much from these guys.


My advise is to start your website through a hosting company (I recommend blue host,but that’s totally up to you). And you know why I personally recommend Blue Host over any other hosting out there.


So once you sign up with a hosting company, come up with a niche, start writing helpful content. Don’t forget to watch the income school 24 YouTube video about Keyword Research and other videos to help you build your website and ensure you’re on the right path to starting a successful online business.


So once you start seeing steady traffic, then if you decide to increase the potential of the website you can invest in the Income School 24, but I recommend you keep watching their YouTube videos, they are great and useful.


Wealthy affiliate or Income School? I don’t want to bash any program out there, but I personally did not find Wealthy affiliate a useful platform. You don’t get your monies worth when you join Wealthy Affiliate.


In fact, the free videos that income school has on their YouTube channel should not be free ( and they are!). And they are more useful than what Wealthy Affiliate has to teach you about online business. Don’t wait go check the Income School 24 YouTube channel and watch their videos and see for your self. Having said that, Income school is much better, you learn a lot from these guys. Its up to you to make the decision.


As mentioned earlier, Income School does not have an affiliate program, so in no way shape or form I am promoting them. But If you have the budget and want to be guided in this process, then I recommend their program. Ever since I started watching the Income School 24 YouTube videos, I then realized the bad decision I made when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.


If you are tight on funds, watch their free videos on the income school you tube channel and don’t forget to keep on WRITING WRITING WRITING…


If you have any questions please let me know. I hope you found this review of help to you.



Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review

Wealthy Affiliate Review




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