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What is Affiliate Marketing?


To begin with, affiliate marketing is defined as a type of marketing in which a company sells its products and services by individuals and or companies (also referred to as affiliates) who market the products and services for that company for a commission. So for every lead or sale an individual or company makes for the business driving the affiliate program, they will get paid a commission for every sale.


Affiliate marketing is not hard at all. At first, it may see overwhelming, but it really is not ROCKET SCIENCE. In order to do affiliate marketing, one should first consider following a procedure. There is no specific procedure to follow. But below is a step-by-step procedure, which you are more than welcome to use , to help you practice affiliate marketing.


As an affiliate you must come up with a Niche, or a topic that you want to target your audience with. This can be anything from cars, to creating your own online business. Once you have a topic set in mind. Move on to the next step. And please don’t SPEND so much time with this step.


Second of all, you need to create your own website. A lot of people may disagree with the whole idea of creating a website, as there are so many ways you can practice affiliate marketing, without having to build a website. This is totally true, but I have to tell you, and I think most people would agree, the best way to do affiliate marketing and actually see results, through the use of a website, because with a website, you have more online presence.


If you are worried about starting your own website, and worried that you have to pay so much. Worry no more, there are so many hosting companies, which you can use and build your website for as low as $15 a month.


And really all you need to build a website is to find a hosting company, domain name, choose a theme for your website, and write your own content relating to your Niche. And you can do all that for as low as $15 a month and even less actually. I just felt like writing $15. But it will actually cost you way less than $15 a month to build your website.





If you are looking to enroll in online platforms, which will teach you affiliate marketing, and how you can start your online business, and some will even give you a free website or something,  please make sure that you know which ones to join, as most of these platforms have training that are out of date. And so they would be charging you so much for so little return.


I know most of these platforms ( I have joined so many) , and I know what they offer. Most have up-sells, so be careful which ones you join. If you have a platform in mind, and wondering whether you should join or not, head on to the Review Section of my website, and see which ones are recommended, and which ones are not.


I just want to tell you a secret , which I discovered not long ago, and I really want to share it so bad. I am so not good at keeping secrets (by the way).


Secret #1

If you want to learn the tricks and tips to affiliate marketing, you can find most of that information,  if you actually do a web search, or the best place I find is YouTube. So don’t waste your money on these platforms.


In conclusion, the best way to do affiliate marketing, is to build your own website. The reason is because it is easier for you to throw in these affiliate links within your content. So what ever your Niche is, you can always throw in a link or two in each post you write. But you don’t want to put too many affiliate links in a post, as it will look like you are spamming.


So once you have your website, you simply have done all the hard work, and now you are only left with the easy and fun side to doing affiliate marketing. You need to add content to your website. In order to do this, you need to target low competition keywords.


You might not know what Key Word Research Tools are yet, which is totally normal. But you could use keyword tools if you want, which will cost about $40-$50 a month (if you have money that you don’t want). Or you could do what I do (by the way FREE).


Secret #2 

How To Do Keyword Research For Free

Head on to Google, and type in your Niche in the search box. So if your Niche is travel with dogs. So you will decide to write a post about “Travel with Dogs Long Distance”. All you have to do is simply type in Google ” Travel with Dogs Long Distance”, and wait and see what Google will give you (please see screenshot below).


How Can I Do Affiliate Marketing

Now you have the option of clicking on either one, but as you can see the second option sounds better. It includes traveling with dogs long distance + In a Car. So if people were to search for either one, your post will more likely appear in the search (As long as you have good content written in your post).


If you were to type that in a keyword research tool, it would return with so much information like how many people search this keyword (totally in accurate, with most keywords out there, well at least the ones I have used) , and it will tell you the number of traffic, and some other useful information (NOT).



In the end, that doesn’t matter, because this is related to my Niche, and I have to write about it. There is always someone (especially pet owners), who is going to want to search for this.



Moving along, now that you have written your very first post, you need more ideas. Well, that’s super easy, go back to Google. Type in “Traveling with dogs a”, and see what you get, I will tell you what you get:


How Can I Do Affiliate marketing













Do you see all the ideas you get for writing posts relating to traveling with dogs. This is Marvelous. Now try the letter b, and see what you get:



How Can I do Affiliate Marketing











And if you want you can try C, D, E, F, and you get the point. Another way of getting ideas to write posts about, go to Google (don’t you just love Google), type in Traveling with dogs in a car long distance”, and Hit Enter, and scroll to the bottom of the page, to a screen like this:



How Can I do Affiliate Marketing











And now we have even more ideas to write about relating to our Niche. You can write so much about your niche, you can write until the day you die. And you don’t need to pay for a keyword tool.



Once you have few posts up on your website, you then will need to determine what products and or services you want to promote, based on your NICHE. So if your Niche is about traveling with dogs.


One way of determining which products to promote is to head on to Amazon, and create an account with them, and you can promote dog carriers, toys (for pets), litter boxes, and etc. Promoting products is endless. The point is, don’t be promoting products that are not really related to your Niche. Keep it simple, and clear to the point.


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There are so many affiliate networks which you can utilize and become part of , but I just listed Amazon, because I feel there is almost a product for every Niche out there. But again, the choice is yours.


Not to mention, as an amazon affiliate, Amazon requires you to have at least 3 sales in the first 180 days of joining the program. And so if you were unsuccessful in reaching that number of sales in your first 180 days of joining the program, your account would be deactivated.



Lastly, you will need to attract traffic to your website. In other words, you need to connect the buyers and the sellers, so people can browse on your site and click the affiliate link, and hopefully they can end up being a lead or a sale for you.


This will come on its own, as you add more and more content to your website. The more content your write (useful content), Google will more likely to rank your pages of your website, which means you will have a higher chance of people seeing your content, and reading your recommendations about certain products, and buying the products.


Keep in mind, affiliate marketing requires patience. So with time, you will eventually be making commissions. But you might see that right away, but you will. Just give it your best, devote at least 3-4 hours a week, adding content to your website, and you should be seeing great results.


There you have it, a step-by-step procedure to do affiliate marketing. Please if I ever say anything that captures your interest, please do get involved within my site. If you have anything interesting that you want to share or any opinions of any of the content I have created on my site, please do not hesitate to provide feedback.


October 2, 2017

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